PUBLISHED: 1st April 2019

Everyone has been asking for it, so here it is!

We are very excited to announce the general release of Batch Billing as part of the PoolBox solution.   

Batch Billing is all about controlling what you bill and when.  A Batch Bill is excellent for managing a range of scenarios.  Who doesn’t have a customer who asks you to “send me one invoice per month for everything.”

Most likely you do regular service work for these type of customers and they want one invoice for the month's work.  In the past, you may have done this by copy typing the information from each of the jobs cards into a single invoice in your financial software (Xero, MYOB or QuickBooks).  With Batch Billing, you only add your customer to a class with batch billing turned on.  All jobs for customers in the Batch Billing Class will have their invoicing paused, awaiting the end of the month.   

When you click the “RUN” button on the Batch Billing interface, all Jobs are aggregated and then processed.


A single invoice for each customer is created that contains the job details, labour and materials supplied in date order.


All of your customer's billing can be processed and posted to the financial system quickly and easily.  Additionally, ensure that every line item is at the correct price (ask the team about special pricing).  

You might want to use Batch Billing for Customers who require invoices in the post or where you have the credit card number on file.

Scenario 2 - If you are in the process of a pool construction project or supply an ad-hoc equipment replacement to a regular service customer, you may want to create a custom batch bill to capture the reaching of a milestone, or tracking an additional charge. 

To use Batch Billing you will need to make sure you meet the following prerequisites:

1. You have upgraded / are using Match & Link
2. You have setup your Customer Classes
3. You have a payment service and credit card vault setup if you want to auto charge your customers stored credit card.

Video Tutorial - Using 'Batch Billing' Feature

'BUY' feature is coming in April!

Coming in early April is the integrated 'BUY' feature for POS. This module will change the way you order, receive and manage stock forever.

I want these new features, How do I get it?

To ask a question, get a demo or join our early adopter program drop us an email at or give us a call on 1300 682 521.  We are looking forward to taking you through these great new Batch Billing & Buy Features.


PUBLISHED: 14th March 2019

The features just keep on coming!

We are delighted to inform you that managing all your customers just got a whole lot simpler and your job is getting a little easier. Tomorrow we will release a “Get Latest” Customers feature in POS.


It is really simple

Click the “Get Latest” button and you will be able to get the latest customers from any of your Synk’d connected systems. The latest customer will appear in the first search results and in one tap you add the customer to the sale.  

Let's look at a practical example -

A new customer comes into your pool shop requiring a water test. First step is you enter the pool and customer details into your Service Management and perform the test. The test results indicate the customer needs to buy some chemicals. Now switch over to POS and tap the "Pick Customer" button. Tap the new "Get Latest" button, if you have multiple systems choose the system you want to update from. Your customer will appear at the top of the list. Select the Customer and Classification and then continue on with your Sale.

Download this update and you will be able to add a new water test Customer in your Service Management and then immediately add the customer to a sale in POS and complete selling the recommended chemicals.

Get Latest is the best way to keep your systems updated so you can access the data you need when you need it. 

Video Tutorial - Using 'Get Latest' Feature

I want this feature. How do I get it?

More great news; if you have updated your app it should be ready to go. If you need any help or if you have questions please contact and one of our team will help you through the process.

April is shaping up as a big month

In April, the team will release two exciting milestone features that make your job easier. The features will build upon the 'Get Latest' update and the recent match and link roll out.

1. Accounts Receivable Real Time Updates

Your debtor Accounts Receivable balance will be checked and updated on demand.  Simply add the customer to the sale and the status of their account will be checked and updated while you make the sale.  You will be able to allocate payments to outstanding invoices and be certain of your Customers debt without opening your financial software.

2. Batch Billing & Direct Debit Payment

We will also release a batch billing and payment service. This will shorten your billing cycles, get you paid faster and simplify the processing of end of month customer billing. Accomodating those customers who want only one invoice for all work completed in the previous month. This is a game changer for end of month invoicing and automatic processing of customers credit cards that are stored in our secure credit card banking vault.

I want these new features, How do I get it?

To ask a question, get a demo or join our early adopter program drop us an email at or give us a call on 1300 682 521.  We are looking forward to taking you through these great new Accounts Receivable, Batch Billing & Direct Debit Pay Features.




PoolBox to launch in the USA

The PoolBox team are heading to Las Vegas  for North America's largest pool and spa industry event, the International Pool, Spa and Patio Expo. The Expo runs from October 31 - November 2, and it expected to attract over 10,000 attendees and 500 exhibitors from over 80 countries. It’s a great opportunity to see the latest products in the market, up-skill in one of the many education sessions and network with other business owners in the industry.

If you’re heading to the expo, make sure you visit us at stand 1026, see PoolBox in action and find out how we can help streamline your business.

Haven’t got your tickets yet? Visit the event website to register and find out more.

PoolBox US Beta Program Launch

Are you a US based pool business looking to improve and streamline the way you operate? We're seeking a small group of beta testers, who will gain early access and the opportunity to give valuable feedback to shape the product roadmap.

If you would like to be considered for this program, please send us an email.

About PoolBox

PoolBox is an integrated bundle of software applications to enable the management of all aspects of the pool business. PoolBox connects all the systems you need to run your business including service management, POS, finance, payments and water testing.

Click here to learn more about PoolBox.

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Cirralto is proud to be attending the 2018 BioGuard Leadership Conference in Singapore. 
Join us for two full days of speakers and demonstrations that will cover subjects which will challenge you to be better and find an increased value for you and your business. 

Adrian Floate will be introducing the BioGuard InterGR8™ Solution on Wednesday 20th June at 12pm.

To catch up  and connect with Adrian at the event, contact him at



PUBLISHED: 28th March 2018

Neto Logo.png

Cirralto is recognised by Neto as an expert partner. Neto expert partners specialise in helping you get your business online, designing your store, marketing your business and much more.

Neto is the only retail and wholesale management platform that provides a complete solution for ecommerce, point of sale, inventory and fulfilment. Neto provides a cloud-based e-commerce solution that allows small to medium sized retailers and wholesalers to quickly establish an end-to-end online store. Sell in more channels and grow your business faster by managing your bricks-and-mortar stores, marketplace listings and ecommerce business from a single source.

Whether you’re switching from another platform or are new to selling online, we can help you get the most out of Neto from day one.

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